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Curtis B

I offer on time performance, honesty, transparency Getting the job done! Looking for something local in AZ Tired of OTR
Glendale, Arizona
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Truck Driver in Glendale, Arizona

I'm an
Look! I know in this industry you have to sacrifice one thing to get another, I get this. But the recipe is so simple guys… -A clean throughly deep detailed presentable truck to drive (BRAND NEW IF POSSIBLE) -A 3,000watt/Inverter THAT ACTUALLY WORKS so a driver can have an alternative choice in food besides the truck stop menu -A microwave -A roadside assistance program incase of breakdowns so a driver isn’t just sitting on the side of a road for hours -A decent CPM rate where the driver can HAVE A LIFE -A WORKING REFRIGERATOR (WORKIIIIING) THAT MEANS WORKS ALL THE TIME These are just some things companies overlook. I understand that the company has a lease payment, Insurance, Fuel, outsourcing expenses etc, but c’mon guys….how can you pay all those expenses if the driver isn’t satisfied? What happens is your truck turns into a revolving door. For some reason, and I don’t know where this became “a thing” but for some reason some trucking companies think drivers are dispensable. Sorry, but the last time I checked those trucks can’t move themselves. I could care less about being a number or a company remembering my name, at the end of the day it’s all about being comfortable on the road. If i’m out there for 3-4 weeks at a time away from home, where if i am at home meals are free, shower is free, comfortable bed for a good night rest is free AT LEAST A COMPANY could do is give the driver the right necessities to be comfortable on the road! Again, you are asking this man/woman to be away from home from his/her family for weeks on end if they have a family, you know? All I want is to be comfortable on the road If I wanna cook, I can cook If I want to warm something up I can warm something up If i want to put things in the refrigerator I can put something in the refrigerator right? This cycle of FINDING A DRIVER FOR MY TRUCK MENTALITY AND THATS ALL won’t cut it NOT WITH ME ANYWAY! As much time I have spent on the road I actually demand my criteria to be met or you can keep it moving!!! Also, I don’t do any night driving, meaning when the sun goes down I go do with it I don’t mind driving my whole 11 hrs but has to be daytime, so dispatch me in the morning (Example): If you dispatch me a load for 1500 miles I get up at the moment you dispatch me around 6am or 7am If i have to Pick it up i’ll go pick it up and drive until my break, take my break then ride out the rest of my clock! And the reason for this is I HATE trying to find a space to park at night IT SUCKS!!!!! I know all the numbers I check the spot market daily So I know what is possible and whats not Companies can afford the necessities I explained up top with no problem So…….thats what I am looking for in a nut shell! Some of you will pass me up because your looking for a dummy driver who doesn’t ask questions or needs what I entailed up top and thats fine, I prefer to weave out the BS anyways 😉
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